Tuesday February 28th 2017

In recent years, The West Australian ( has published a series of inaccurate and misleading articles about Globalheart Church. As the articles do not represent the activities and values of Globalheart Church, we thought it may be helpful for you to be informed on these matters. 

The accusation that people with mental illnesses are not welcome at Globalheart Church

(Articles published in The West on 28, 29 & 31 January 2017)

The West stated that we expel people from our Church that develop mental illnesses. This is untrue, The West has misinterpreted the content of a statutory document that is common to entities such as Globalheart Church.  The document strictly refers to the capacity of a small number of people who oversee the running of the Church and not the people who benefit each week from the services provided by Globalheart Church.   The West is seeking to discredit Globalheart Church and omitted to comment that it is common to many organisations (including The West, whose board has a similar clause in their constitution). It is designed to protect people, and has never been applied in Globalheart’s history.  Globalheart Church welcomes all people from all walks of life, including people living with mental illnesses. 

The accusation that Globalheart Church is a ‘cult’

(Articles published in The West on 22 July 2013 & 27 May 2016)

The West has sought to commercially profit from misrepresenting Globalheart Church.  It only takes a small amount of research to show that Globalheart is a part of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC), the largest Pentecostal movement in Australia.  It has been established for 80 years, consists of over 1,000 churches and over 315,000 people across Australia, and is recognised nationally and internationally as a legitimate Christian organisation of good standing and repute.  Misreporting of Globalheart Church by The West can only serve to undermine our reputation and adversely impact on the good work we and the ACC does in supporting charitable programs not only in Australia, but also in countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Laos and Myanmar. 

The assertion that Globalheart Church has an association with the Liberal party

(Articles published in The West on 2, 3, 22, 30 & 31 January 2017 & 22 February 2017)

Globalheart Church is not aligned to, nor has any association with any political party.  Our Church is made up of people from all walks of life, including people of different political persuasions.  We actively encourage people in our church to serve the community, and some have chosen to outwork this in the political arena.  How they choose to do this, and through which political party, is their prerogative.  It is our love for Jesus and our desire to help the vulnerable that unites us and drives us to impact our community, not political parties nor politics.

The accusation that a funding grant for a playground was not legitimately gained

(Articles in The West on 3 & 30 January 2017)

To improve the provision of services that Globalheart Church provides to the community at no charge, such as playgroups and children & youth programs, we were awarded a grant for $20,000 to go towards building a safe outdoor children’s play space.  The West has made the false accusation that the grant we received was unfairly gained by using the influence of Liberal MP Ian Goodenough.  This is not true, the grant applications were assessed by an independent panel.  Panel member Nicolas Trandos has stated that he and the other panellists assessed all applicants independently and without any interference from Mr. Goodenough.